What's the street like ? Which shops are around ?

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Spot the flat on a Detailed street map

  • 52 rue St Sebastien/55 blvd Voltaire: The apartment is in a bourgois condominium from early XIX with digital code + intercom securized access.
  • Fift floor, elevator.
  • Windows are on a small one way street. Quiet and clear !


  • Saint-Ambroise (line 9) :Note: in front of the flat !
  • Richard Lenoir (line 5)
  • Saint-Sebastien Detailed metro map: Paris metro map


  • 56 to République, Montmartre or Nation, Bois de Vincenne
  • 96 to Chatelet and Montparnasse
  • 69 to Saint-Gemain, Eiffel tower or Père Lachaise Cemetery
  • 46 to Gare du Nord or Bois de Vincenne

check routes: 46, 56, 69, 96

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